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Hello, I'm Nutchanon Wetchasit, founder, programmer, and webmaster of Bangkok StreetView project. (You might also previously know me as Nachanon Vetjasit)

Apart from Bangkok StreetView, I have several smaller side-projects which you could find them below. All of them are released as free software (or free document).

Email:(email protected) (Experimental)
PGP key:1024D/DA98EC9F

Software Projects


GETVER is a tool for showing version information of DOS operating system. It was written because DOS's VER command didn't reliably show all the version information that DOS reports to application, particularly on Windows or non-Microsoft DOS system.

GETVER home page

P89 Serial Programmer

P89 Serial Programmer (or p89pgm) is a small command line tool for flashing program to NXP/Philips P89V51RD2 microcontroller via serial port. Its design emphasizes minimality, and independence from other libraries. p89pgm works on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.

P89 Serial Programmer home page


ISOLabel is a small command line program for changing volume label on ISO 9660 (*.iso) CD, DVD, and BD image file. It allows different volume label to be set to ISO 9660 and Joliet filesystem, including non-English ones. ISOLabel works on all operating system: GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, and DOS included.

ISOLabel home page


TinyDoodle is a simple sketching software for J2ME-based phones. It works like normal sketchpad, pencil, and eraser on touch screen phone with stylus, and works like Etch A Sketch toy on a phone without touchscreen. TinyDoodle works on any phone that supports J2ME MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.0 applications.

TinyDoodle home page


SUSFinder is a replacement for ASUS Firmware Restoration Utility. It's a command-line tool for flashing firmware to ASUS's consumer-grade router devices, works even when the device is bricked, supports flashing from GNU/Linux system where the ASUS Firmware Restoration Utility is not available. It was originally tested with ASUS WL-500G Premium v2 model.

SUSFinder home page


PHUnzip (stands for PHP Unzip) is a small PHP script that allows web server to serve files, folders, or a whole website directly from compressed ZIP file, without extracting it. PHUnzip works with server that supports PHP 5.2+ with php_zip extension.

PHUnzip home page


GridSheet is simple a command line program for generating graphing paper. It could generate a printable PDF page of square grid pattern with two level of line thickness and customizable grid size. There's also an extra web-based front end available. GridSheet works on all operating system that supports Perl.

GridSheet home page

Etheric Synthesizer

Etheric Synthesizer (or EtherSynth) is a theremin-like synthesizer application for Android-based mobile devices. It provides configurable two-dimension control for pitch and loudness level which user could swipe finger on and play. Recording function is also included. Etheric Synthesizer works on mobile devices with Android 2.0 or later.

Etheric Synthesizer home page

Electronics Projects

FlightGear Controller

FlightGear Controller (or FGCtrl) is a DIY hardware flight yoke designed for FlightGear flight simulator. Its hardware was based on AVR microcontroller, and present itself as a USB gamepad. FGCtrl was developed and tested with FlightGear 1.0.

FlightGear Controller home page

Writings Projects

A Programmer's Guide to SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi

A Programmer's Guide to SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi is a reverse-engineered power user and API documentation for SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi action camera. It contains in-depth details of camera's WiFi-based control protocol, including catches, quirks, and non-obvious limitations; complete enough for free software developers to independently write software covering all functionalities of the proprietary SJCAM ZONE application.

A Programmer's Guide to SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi home page