What is Bangkok StreetView?

Bangkok StreetView is a visual walking tour website, in 360-degree panorama format, akin to Google Street View. But different at that users of Bangkok StreetView could really walk into the interior of landmark, temples, palaces, and museums. Current coverage is around the old city part of Bangkok and nearby areas, including local tourist attractions.

What is Panorama?

Panorama in the dictionary, means an unbroken view of an entire surrounding area, or series of pictures representing a continuous scene.

Panorama is an image created by assembling multiple image together, resulting in a large image that represents the whole scene, that could not normally taken by a single camera shot.

The Beginning of Bangkok StreetView

I started Bangkok StreetView project around 2010, because at that time Google StreetView had already operated, but had no coverage in Thailand. And around that time, there were some independent website that also provide StreetView imagery, developed by foreigners (like MapJack) already. So I thought it'd be cool if I could make a StreetView site that have Bangkok (my hometown) coverage, I set out to make a prototype program.

After that, about the end of year, I saw Google Thailand's marketing manager's speech about Google products and the launch of Thailand Google StreetView at Queeen Sirikit convention center. In that convention, someone asked if it possible that normal people make a StreetView service on their own. They answered: barely possible, such project would need a special technology, expensive equipments, personnel, and massive funds. From that time, I began to take this project seriously.

After Google's offical opening of Google Street View in Bangkok on Mar 2012, about July 2012, I launched Bangkok StreetView website, unoffically with around 230-point Rattanagosin island area coverage.

Not too long afterward, in August, coverage increased to 600 points with Dusit district added. And finally at 1700 points coverage in September, Bangkok StreetView launch was officially annouced to the public.

Bangkok StreetView Crew

Nutchanon Wetchasit (founder)-programming, photographing, webmaster
Pitchaya Wetchasit-web designing, photographing
Pornthep Wetchasit-photographing, image post-processing

Comments? Contact?

If you wanna ask me about Bangkok StreetView and you already have a Facebook account, you could came over at Bangkok StreetView Facebook page. Normally I'll answer there myself. Or alternatively, you can reach me by my email.



CS Loxinfo Second-phase development of this project was kindly funded by CS Loxinfo Plc.

Media Coverage

Voice TV
27 September 2012
Saturday Talk, on TNN24 channel
8 December 2012
E-Commerce Magazine
October 2012
Engineering Newsletter, Kasetsart University
November 2012
Dailynews newspaper, technology section
6 November 2012

Translation Contributors

  • Ms. Narumol Saengwattanajinda, chinese language
  • Ms. Kanokkan Kunlamard, japanese language

Information Sources

  • Bangkok Smiles, published by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
  • DK Eyewithness Travel Guides, Thailand